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🌱 About Bangla Text Converter | Bijoy - Unicode Converter | বিজয় - ইউনিকোড কনভার্টার

Bangla Text converter is best web tootls for bijoy to unicode font change. You may know that, For its global utility, computer is very essential for everybody. Computer has been used for various purposes from them text writing is the best. Every day we have to write a lot of documents in many forms such as Bijoy, Unicode and English. Sometimes we need convert our text in a short time for example you have written some important text with Bijoy fronts but now you need convert this text into Unicode text. How you will face this problem if you start to write Unicode form you have to spend a lot of time and it will be very boring for you. In this situation BANGLA TEXT CONVERTER will help you when you will use it.

বাংলা অক্ষর সাধারনত দুটি ফন্ট দিয়ে লেখা হয় । একটি বিজয় ফন্ট অন্য ইউনিকোড ফন্ট। বিজয় ব্যবহার করা হয় অফিসিয়াল কাজে এবং ইন্টারনেটে সকল কাজে ইউনিকোড ব্যবহার করা হয়েছে । বিভিন্ন সময় একজন ব্যবহারকারীর বিজয় থেকে ইউনিকোড অথবা ইউনিকোড থেকে বিজয় লেখা রুপান্তরের প্রয়োজন হতে পারে । তাই আপনি যাতে খুব সহজেই বাংলা লেখা কনভার্ট করতে পারেন সেজন্য আমরা নিয়ে এসেছি বাংলা কনভার্টার “Bangla Converter" নামের এই ইন্টারনেট ভিত্তিক অ্যাপস । যাতে আপনি অফলাইনেও বিজয় লেখাকে ইউনিকোড / অভ্র লেখায় রুপান্তর করতে পারবেন বা ইউনিকোড / অভ্র লেখাকে আসকি / বিজয় লেখায় কনভার্ট করতে পারবেন ।

💠 Bangla Text Convert Process

    Are you trying to convert your text in another front like Bijoy to Unicode and Unicode to Bijoy . No tension you are right place now. We hope that “ALL TEXT CONVERTER” will totally help you in this regard. Follow our instruction in the following and benefited.

  1. If you want to convert Bijoy to Unicode, select your bijoy text and then paste on the Bijoy Converter editor box finally you have to press on “Unicode to Bijoy " [বিজয় থেকে ইউনিকোড] button. After pressing you can see converted text in the right box.
  2. To get Unicode front from Bijoy front, select your Unicode text and then paste on the Unicode editor box finally you have to press on “Bijoy to Unicode" [ইউনিকোড থেকে বিজয়] button. Now you can see converted text in the right box.
  3. Completing your converted text fonts Bijoy to Unicode then you need to copy it for this you have to press on unicode text copy" [ইউনিকোডের লেখা কপি] button.
  4. Completing your converted text fonts Unicode to Bijoy then you need to copy it for this you have to press on bijoy text copy" [বিজয়ের লেখা কপি] button.
  5. When you want to clear all text from bijoy editor box, press on "bijoy text clear" [বিজয়ের লেখা মুছুন] button.
  6. When you want to clear all text from unicode editor box, press on "unicode text clear" [ইউনিকোডের লেখা মুছুন] button.
  7. But when you want to clear all text from both editor box (bijoy and unicode), press on "remove" [মুছে ফেলুন] button then everything will be removed.

🎑 Our Services

🎑 Bijoy to Unicode (বিজয় থেকে ইউনিকোড কনভার্ট)

In our software first service is Bijoy to Unicode. If you need be you can convert your MS word text from bijoy to Unicode. As we have set Bijoy to Unicode service in our website so take the opportunity and be highly benefited by this service.

🎑 Unicode to Bijoy (ইউনিকোড থেকে বিজয় কনভার্ট)

Unicode to bijoy is second service in our online text converter web apps. By this service you will be able to convert your word file from Unicode text to bijoy font. When you will want to take this service then you have to press on try now button.

🎑 Phonetic Bangla (ফোনেটিক বাংলা)

Phonetic Bangla is a method of bangle typing. When you do not have any bangle typing software in your device then you can take help from ours online font converter web apps because we add in it.

🎑 Avro Bangla Typing (অভ্র বাংলা টাইপিং)

Avro Keyboard which is an open source and free graphical Bangla keyboard software will help us type Avro Bangla typing. In our converter web apps we adjust Avro Bangla typing by which you can easily type Avro Bangla.

🎑 Image to Bangla Text Converter (ইমেজ টু টেক্সট কনভার্টার)

Most of time internet user need to convert image to bangla text. Cause they want to get bangla text from image without any typing. You can also get this facility from our Bangla font converter online. So try our image to bangla text converter.

🍎 Bijoy To Unicode Converter Online

Dear user looking worried, what is your problem. I know why you are really exhausted. Cause you tensed for your previous typing bangla document. Your all MS word document is Sutonny MJ or Adarshalipi format. But now these file are useless cause now you need unicode font text. Matter of glad that, this is not a very big problem . This trouble has a simple solution. Our online bijoy unicode converter can solve your bangla font related problem just one click.

🍏 Unicode to Bijoy Converter

At present time, to almost Bangali people avro is quite popular unicode software. From our experience we see that most of the people especially those who know typing Bangla text search for online Unicode to bijoy converter software. It is a matter of joy that when you will use our Bangla converting tool, you will be able convert Avro unicode to bijoy. You can use this Unicode bangle font all bangla website or all bangla newspaper. So try our bangla keyboard for Unicode text.

About Unicode Font

Unicode is a format which is widely use whole in the world for typing most of the language. Unicode typing format is handled by Unicode Consortium. Recently they released their new version which is Unicode 13.0. There are about 143,924 characters in this version. Unicode has different character encodings. These encodings are UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32, and others. But UTF-8, UTF-16 unicode format use most. According to statistics, there are about 94% websites are use UTF-8 unicode font.

About Bijoy Font

Bijoy is one kind of encoding character which is used for bangla text. Bijoy encoding format is different from Unicode. Bijoy font use ANSI encoding text format. This encoding is complicated then other font. Bijoy font or ANSI encoding allow only 256 characters for writing bangla text. For that, bijoy text not supported on internet or website. Cause this is not universal font . If you want to support then you need to import or download bangla bijoy font and bijoy software such as Bijoy Bayanno.

Download Bangla Font

Bangla Unicode Font

Bangla Unidoce Font

Here you will get different type of unicode font. Download your Bangla unicode font which one you need.

Bangla Bijoy Font

Bangla Bijoy Font

Write your bangla text with different bijoy font. Lots of bangla bijoy fonts are available here.

Bangla Stylish Font Download

Bangla Stylish Font

Thousand of stylish bangla font collection is wait for you. These fonts are special for photoshop, illustrator and other work.

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